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“平静的海面”一词来自德语词汇“Meeresstille”的上下文中的感知。 许多德语单词通常都有上下文含义。 我曾经被歌德的一首八行诗所感动,这首诗是他在1795年横渡爱奥尼亚海前往意大利时写下的:


Tiefe Stille Herrscht im Wasser,

Ohne Regung ruht das Meer,

与 Schiffer Glatte Fläche 戒指一起使用。

Keine Luft von keiner Seite!

Todesstille fürchterlich!

In der ungeheuern Weite Reget keine Welle sich.

德语“Stille”一词的意思是冻结和静止。 从它所指的语境中,我感受到了孤独的心与自然的力量之间的不对称,这一点在看似平静的海面上更加突出。 也体现了人类在与自然互动时应保持的对话和尊重的态度。 爱奥尼亚海是法国到中国的必经之路。 马赛至广州 14,870 公里。 水手和商人在波涛汹涌的大海或平静的大海上漂流,把远方的气息带到了自己的世界。

海上信号旗是由26个图形和3个基色组成的符号,每个图形对应26个拉丁字母,悬挂在船上用来表示船舶的各种航行和装载信息。 我用这套视觉符号语言来翻译歌德的诗,让人们看到、想象、拼凑出遥远的风景,把这种情感体验诗化。 当世界充满权力游戏和人性投机时,作为一名艺术家,我仍然希望传达艺术的挣扎——为每个人搭建一个通道,呈现出可能的方向,无论前方的大海是平静的,还是惊涛骇浪的,我们都要 继续在这艘船上前行。 这个时候最需要沟通,看见就是力量。

Calm Sea

Digital Painting, Resizable, 2023, TANG Xiao

The "Calm Sea" series of works use text information translated from visual signals of maritime signal flags.

The phrase "Calm Sea" comes from the perception in the context of the German vocabulary "Meeresstille". Many German words often have contextual meanings. I was once touched by a eight-line poem by Goethe, which he wrote in 1795 while sailing across the Ionian Sea to Italy:


Tiefe Stille herrscht im Wasser,

Ohne Regung ruht das Meer,

Und bekümmert sieht der Schiffer Glatte Fläche ringsumher.

Keine Luft von keiner Seite!

Todesstille fürchterlich!

In der ungeheuern Weite Reget keine Welle sich.

The German word "Stille" means frozen and motionless. From the context it refers to, I feel the asymmetry between the lonely heart and the power of nature, which is more prominent on the seemingly calm sea surface. It also reflects the attitude of dialogue and respect that humans should maintain when interacting with nature. The Ionian Sea is a must-pass route from France to China. It is 14,870 kilometers from Marseille to Guangzhou. Sailors and merchants drift on the rough seas or calm seas, bringing the breath of the distance to their own world.

Maritime signal flags are symbols composed of 26 graphics and three primary colors, each corresponding to 26 Latin letters, used to express various navigation and loading information of ships when hung on a ship. I used this set of visual symbol language to translate Goethe's poem, allowing people to see, imagine and piece together distant scenery, and poeticize this emotional experience. When the world is full of power games and human speculation, as an artist, I still hope to convey the struggle of art-to build a channel and present possible directions for everyone, whether the sea ahead of us is calm or stormy, we must continue to move forward on this ship. Communication is most needed at this time, and seeing is power.


开放工作室:im Wald am See

抽象绘画是一种不以具象的方式表现客观事物,而是用色彩、线条、形状等视觉元素来表达内心感受和意义的艺术形式。抽象绘画的发展受到不同流派和地区的影响,其中包括: 其中慕尼黑学派是重要代表。

青骑士是慕尼黑学派最有影响力的分支,由瓦西里·康定斯基和弗兰兹·马克于 1911 年创立。 他们对无形的世界比有形的世界更感兴趣,并希望赋予神秘的情感以形式,将艺术与深刻的精神内容融为一体。 他们通过色彩、音乐、神话等元素创造出超凡脱俗的艺术语言,开创了欧洲抽象绘画的先河。

这个开放工作室的标题是“在湖边的森林里”,试图向青骑士致敬。 三位亚洲艺术家以各自的创作方式呈现了不同风格的作品。 刘可的画作没有具体的湖泊和树木,而是利用蓝、绿、白、红、黑等色块和曲线,形成动感和韵律感。 蓝色代表水,也代表灵魂和深度; 绿色代表树木,也代表生命和自然; 白色代表光明,也代表纯洁、圣洁。 Park Sul的画作以写实视觉和绘画视觉描绘山水共存,带有东方水墨印象,黑色代表空间,也代表宇宙和无限。 唐骁的作品源自航海信号旗,他以信号旗作为一种象征性的视觉传达方式,编织出诗意的寂静,被称为“waldeinsamkeit”。

OPEN STUDIO: im Wald am See

Abstract painting is an artistic form that does not represent objective things in a figurative way, but expresses inner feelings and meanings with visual elements such as color, line, shape, etc. The development of abstract painting is influenced by different schools and regions, among which the Munich School is an important representative.

The Blue Rider was the most influential branch of the Munich School, founded in 1911 by Wassily Kandinsky and Franz Marc. They were more interested in the invisible world than the visible one, and wanted to give form to mysterious feelings and integrate art with profound spiritual content. They created a transcendent artistic language through elements such as color, music, mythology, etc., and pioneered European abstract painting.

This open studio is titled “in the Forest by the Lake”, and tries to pay tribute to the Blue Rider group. Three Asian artists present works with different styles in their own creative ways. Liu Ke’s paintings do not have concrete lakes and trees, but use blue, green, white, red, black and other color blocks and curves to form a dynamic and rhythmic sense. Blue represents water, but also soul and depth; green represents trees, but also life and nature; white represents light, but also purity and holiness. Park Seo’s paintings depict the coexistence of mountains and lakes in realistic vision and painting vision with oriental ink impression, black represents space, but also universe and infinity. Tang Xiao’s works are derived from nautical signal flags, he uses signal flags as a symbolic visual communication way to compile the poetic silence in the forest which is called ‘waldeinsamkeit’.